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Coronavirus: Breaking News April 8.

Coronavirus: Breaking News April 8.

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Skvortsova called the timing of the peak of the epidemic, in the U.S. a record number of deaths

Today is 8 April, the 119th day since the discovery of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan and the 29th day since WHO declared a new infection pandemic. According to the coronavirus-monitor service, to date, there have been 1,432,888 cases per night, 302,140 people have recovered (9,715, about 20% of the total number of infected), 82,067 have died (5,647, 5.5% of the number of infected).

The United States remains the highest in terms of the number of infected, with 400,412 cases per day registered in the country and 12,854 deaths. In second place is Spain, with 141,942 cases of infection and 14,045 deaths. Italy's top three finishes with 135,586 infections and 17,127 deaths of residents diagnosed with coronavirus. At the same time, officially for 24 hours there was no increase in new infections, however, as well as reports of new deaths.

Observe security measures.

Observe security measures.

How is spread by COVID-19 in Russia

In Russia, 20 new cases of infection were detected overnight, and at the moment the number of cases is 7,517 people, 505 recovered (11 per night) and 61 patients diagnosed with coronavirus died (3 per night).

Russia has been better prepared for a pandemic than other countries, and unprecedented measures are being taken to contain the spread of the virus, but new outbreaks could provoke tourists who continue to return home from other countries. The export of Russians, in particular, is planned for April 10, 11 and 12 from a number of European countries and Asian countries.

The Russians have drastically reduced their spending due to coronavirus and crisis. "Typical family spent 3,376 rubles on everyday goods, which is 47.6% less than a week earlier," the analysts note.

The FAS hastened to reassure the Russians that the price of products will not be more expensive in the near future. Antitrust officials have promised to carry out checks. If the situation with the incidence of coronavirus worsens, Russians may restrict access to grocery stores. Retailers should assume that in the trading hall on an area of two square meters can be only one person.

It also became known that the resident of Kuban, infected with coronavirus, died, as until the last moment tried to treat the disease on his own. A 45-year-old man was hospitalized when he became very ill. Doctors diagnosed him with "hospital pneumonia" and examined him for COVID-19. The results of the laboratory study confirmed the presence of coronavirus in the body in a man.

What's happening in the world

In the U.S., a record number of coronavirus infections died within 24 hours. According to Johns Hopkins University, 1,700 people died.

US President Donald Trump is about to suspend contributions to WHO. He said the organization's experts initially disagreed with his decision to close the border with China to contain the spread of the virus.

Scientists from Argentina were able to decipher the full genome of the coronavirus SARS COV-2, which will improve the diagnosis of the disease and better understand how it spreads.

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey donated $1billion to fight coronavirus. He added that the amount was approximately 28% of his fortune. Once the pandemic is overcome, the remaining funds, he said, will be spent on the health and education of girls.

What happens next?

The head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia Veronika Skvortsova suggested that in 10-14 days the situation with the spread of coVID-19 coronavirus will reach the plateau (a situation where within a few days the number of new cases during the epidemic is at the same level), and then will decline. At the same time, she stressed that such a scenario is implemented on condition that the country continues to comply with preventive measures and increase the volume of testing.


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