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The number of Russians who suffer asymptomatic disease has increased dramatically

The number of Russians who suffer asymptomatic disease has increased dramatically

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In Russia, the proportion of Russians who have coronary disease is asymptomatic has increased. If earlier it was 10-20 percent of all patients, now without symptoms the disease tolerates 45-50 percent of those infected, said Anna Popova, head of the Russian Consumer Supervision Agency.

Changes have taken place in the past two weeks, Anna Popova said on the air of the TV channel "Russia 24".

"This is an important, significant figure that shows the activity of identifying infected people in the Russian Federation," the chief Russian sanitary doctor said. "While the proportion of pneumonia is almost non-increasing."

Anna Popova, the head of Russia's consumer watchdog, explained that Russia maintains a very smooth, slow rate of growth. The 20 per cent increase per day is almost unchanged, with figures changing from 14 per cent to 17 per cent per day.

Anna Popova explained to journalists that in epidemiology it is customary to count and compare not absolute figures of infection, but relative indicators designed for 100,000 inhabitants. This figure for Russia is 17 infected per 100,000. This is five times lower than in Canada, 10 times lower than in Switzerland, and 20 times lower than in Germany.

"We consider this comparison to be much more correct," the head of Rospotrebnadzor stressed.

At the same time, Anna Popova noted the effect of the measures taken to fight the coronavirus in Russia. She added that the growing figures were completely objective.

"We are not afraid to tell the full truth today, to say all the figures that we have today," she added.

Eighty percent of Russians infected with coronavirus are people under the age of 60. 5 per cent are children, while only 15 per cent are over 60-65, she added

Anna Popova noted that Russia has increased detection of coronavirus infection. Our country came in second place in terms of the number of tests. At the same time, more than 103.5 thousand studies are being carried out per day. No more than two thousand such studies were done every day in March. A total of 1 million,700,000 studies were done during the introduction of the coronavirus testing system. If in absolute terms Russia is the second in testing, then the number of tests per 100,000 population is among the four g20 countries.

Positive fact - the proportion of pneumonia incidence in Russia is not increasing, the proportion of SARS among the detected diseases is decreasing, added the head of the Russian National Health Service Anna Popova.

Forecasts for the future are different, but it is hoped that Russia will avoid the incidence of coronavirus as it is in other countries. there are already almost 2 million,200,000 people infected with coronavirus in the world.


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