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Brand suicide or savvy PR move? CEO of Hispanic food giant Goya praises Trump, inciting Twitter riots

After the CEO of Hispanic food megabrand Goya spoke at the White House, demands to “cancel” the popular brand on social media have arisen – met by equally furious pushback from the corporation’s defenders.

Brand suicide or savvy PR move? CEO of Hispanic food giant Goya praises Trump, inciting Twitter riots

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Goya CEO Robert Unanue praised President Donald Trump as “an incredible builder” in a speech at the White House on Thursday, calling on the audience to “pray for our country, that we will continue to prosper and to grow.

Unanue was speaking as a nominee to the President’s Advisory Committee on Hispanic Prosperity, a new body of a dozen Hispanic businesspeople and community leaders chaired by New Mexico Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez – presumably intended to shore up Trump’s support among that demographic ahead of November’s election.

But that wasn’t cool with Igor Volsky, director of anti-gun nonprofit Guns Down America, who advised his followers to “make your shopping decisions accordingly” after informing them the Goya CEO had stated Americans were “blessed to have a leader” like Trump.

Many users jumped on board the bandwagon, demanding Goya pay the price for aligning itself with Trump.

Calls to #boycottGoya rang out across social media.

Not everyone was on the same page, of course. One user noted that Goya had donated some 200,000 pounds of food and 20,000 face masks during the pandemic that saw millions of Americans lose their jobs and many more endure reduced hours or pay cuts, suggesting maybe canceling the brand over Unanue’s White House appearance was not the best idea – and several came out to back that point of view.

Others attested to strong support for Trump within the demographic in question, questioning why a “white guy named Igor” was telling the Hispanic community what to do.

And several people declared they’d start buying Goya specifically because of the “boycott,” declaring they were making a stand against “cancel culture.

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