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Coronavirus turned out to be more dangerous for men than for women

Several factors contribute to this.

Coronavirus turned out to be more dangerous for men than for women

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MOSCOW, November 3 - PRIME. There is information that middle-aged men are much more likely to die from coronavirus infection than women of the same age group. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal, which drew attention to the statistics of deaths from COVID-19 among middle-aged people in the United States and Europe. Seven main signs of a mild form of coronavirus were named.

Scientists suggest that several factors can lead to a more severe outcome of COVID-19 for men.

First, the likelihood of serious illness and death from coronavirus is closely related to the patient's health. Studies have shown that people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension (high blood pressure) are at greater risk of severe illness - and such health problems in in general, they are more common in men or appear in them at an earlier age.

Secondly, a biological factor plays a role here - for example, a stronger immune system in women.

Thirdly, as noted by The Wall Street Journal, men are more likely to ignore hand hygiene, wear masks less often and postpone going to doctors.

Identifying the factors influencing the course of the disease is important in order to improve both the prevention of the disease and its treatment, experts say. Sarah Richardson, director of the Gender Research Laboratory at Harvard University, believes that male deaths from coronavirus are related to external factors (for example, work) and existing diseases.

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