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US completes withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

According to incumbent US President Donald Trump, the agreement redistributes American wealth in favor of other countries

US completes withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

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WASHINGTON, November 4th. / TASS /. The United States completed the withdrawal process from the Paris Climate Agreement one year after the UN was officially notified of its desire to withdraw from the treaty obligations.

In June 2017, US President Donald Trump announced his decision to leave the agreement, which the country joined in 2016, even before he came to power. According to the head of the White House, it redistributes American wealth in favor of other countries, and the fulfillment of the provisions of this agreement could result in the loss of 2.7 million jobs for the United States by 2025. "From now on, the United States will end the implementation of the recommendatory Paris Agreement and get rid of the draconian financial and economic burden that it imposes on our country," he said then.

However, Trump did not succeed in realizing his plans right away: according to the terms of the agreement, withdrawal from it was possible only three years after the treaty entered into force and a year after notifying the depositary - the UN Secretary General. The document came into force on November 4 last year, and on the same day, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced that the United States had sent an official notice of withdrawal to the UN.

Democrats against

The US Democratic Party has been critical of the president's decision from the outset. US Senator Tim Kane announced the very next day that the reason for the US withdrawal from the agreement was the fact that "President [Trump] is jealous of the achievements of his predecessor, Barack Obama."

Democrats began to actively use the topic of climate as part of the election program of their presidential candidate Joseph Biden, in particular, prescribed in it a commitment to re-enter the Paris Agreement, convene a summit of its participants and work out "new, more ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Biden has repeatedly stated during his election campaign that, if he wins the election, he intends to return the United States to the agreement among the first steps. "The first thing I will do is to re-join the Paris climate agreement," he said, in particular, in a televised debate with Trump in September, adding that he also plans to stimulate the development of alternative energy sources and convert the fleets of federal departments to electric vehicles.

Disappointment to the world community

Countries around the world expressed disappointment with Trump's decision, but agreed that the terms of the agreement could not be revised. According to the European Commission, in 2015, US carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere exceeded 5.1 million kilotons - more than all 28 countries of the European Union.

"I regret the decision of the American president. From now on, all forces are on the global climate policy, which will save the Earth," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the same time, in her joint statement with the leaders of France and Italy, it was said that “the agreement reached in Paris in December 2015 is irreversible, and we are convinced that there can be no new negotiations on the Paris Agreement, since this is a vital tool for our the planet, for society and the economy. "

In turn, French President Emmanuel Macron wrote on Twitter: "I believe that he [Trump] is making a mistake regarding not only the future of his country and his people, but also the future of the entire planet."

The press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov immediately after the start of the process of the US withdrawal from the treaty expressed the opinion that the implementation of the document without the United States would be difficult. "Of course, this [the US withdrawal from the agreement] seriously undermines the agreement, because this is a country that leads in terms of emissions," he told reporters. "Of course, without the world's largest economy, talking about a climate agreement is very, very difficult." ...

About the agreement

The Paris Agreement was adopted on December 12, 2015 following the 21st conference of the Framework Convention on Climate Change. The participating countries have agreed to prevent the average temperature on the planet from rising by more than two degrees Celsius by 2100 compared to the pre-industrial era. The agreement, in particular, provides for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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