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US hospitalisations hit three-month high

US experts cite the reasons for the spread of COVID-19, while the number of people hospitalized due to coronavirus infection is rapidly increasing, exceeding the figure of 50,000.

US hospitalisations hit three-month high

On Tuesday, the number of patients with coronavirus infection in US clinics exceeded 50,000. Reuters reports that this is the highest incidence rate in the previous three months. Such a record surge could jeopardize the entire US health care system.

Nationwide, the number of hospitalizations for people diagnosed with COVID-19 has increased by more than 64% since the beginning of October to reach 50,176, a record high since August 7. The peak, recorded in the United States, still falls on July 22 and accounts for 58,370 hospitalizations. According to Reuters, in contrast to case counting, hospitalization is a key metric. The reason for this is more objective statistics, since they are not affected by the number of tests performed.

US health experts cite several topical reasons for the spread of coronavirus infection: frequent public events, the presence of several people in the same room, severe cold snaps and the fatigue of Americans from restrictions due to COVID-19 that have been going on for more than six months.

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