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Izvestia: prices for air tickets on New Year's holidays decreased

At the same time, the Russians are in no hurry to plan their trips in advance due to the situation with the spread of coronavirus.

Izvestia: prices for air tickets on New Year's holidays decreased

Photo: tass.ru

MOSCOW, November 6. / TASS /. The prices for flights within Russia and in Istanbul, open for air traffic, with a departure from December 25 to January 10 will be 14-17% lower than in the same period last year. Izvestia reported this on Friday with reference to data provided by online services for the sale of air tickets.

According to Tutu.ru, on average, a round-trip ticket for holidays costs 13 thousand rubles instead of 15.1 thousand rubles a year ago. It is noted that prices have decreased for all directions from the top 10, except for the flight Moscow - Simferopol (+ 1%). Thus, most of all prices fell for flights from Moscow to Novosibirsk (-31%), to Mineralnye Vody (-20%), to Sochi (-9%), and to Kaliningrad (-2%). It became cheaper to fly from St. Petersburg to Simferopol (-23%) and Krasnodar (-19%). There is also a drop in prices for flights from Moscow to St. Petersburg (-38%) due to competition with the railway.

OneTwoTrip reports that the average ticket price fell from 13.7 thousand rubles in 2020 to 11.6 thousand rubles during the holidays in 2021. The service also notes an increase in cost in the direction of Simferopol (+ 8%), noting a drop in prices for other popular destinations. Separately, it is said that the demand for cheaper tickets is still lower than last year - orders have decreased by 40%.

"This year, Russians are in no hurry to buy tickets in advance and plan their trips, as the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection remains unstable," the service noted.

According to Aviasales, the average cost of a flight per person on holidays fell by 17%, to 10.9 thousand rubles. The service reported that the share of ticket sales for domestic flights rose to 96% from 50% during the previous New Year holidays. There is an increase in the price of flights from Russian cities to Istanbul (+ 39%).

Railway transportation was considered separately, where, according to OneTwoTrip, only directions to Adler and Tyumen rose in price, while prices for a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg decreased by 6-7%. Moreover, Tutu.ru noted a slight increase in prices for train tickets in all directions by 2%, from 2.6 thousand to 2.7 thousand rubles.

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