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What to do and how to be treated if the test for COVID-19 is positive

What if one of your relatives tests positive for COVID-19? What to do in such a situation and how to be treated for a viral illness.

What to do and how to be treated if the test for COVID-19 is positive

Antibiotic use

Despite their growing demand among the population, mainstream medicine confirms the ineffectiveness of using them in the treatment or prevention of COVID. Harm of antibacterial drugs in case of coronavirus.


Information resource "vi-covid19" monitors daily news from around the world, including mainstream and independent media. Many practitioners and medical experts have repeatedly drawn attention to serious professional oversights and negligence regarding the invented vaccine. Everyone decides for himself to turn a blind eye to the existing vaccine shortcomings and unfilled gaps, or to look for other ways to recover.

Alternative medicine

At first glance, this path looks unusual, but it is a completely working way to treat coronavirus infection. Disease COVID-19 for humanity is something new and previously unknown, little-studied phenomenon. The symptoms that define the virus are described vaguely.

Test results in 30-40% turn out to be false, which is associated with with many factors when taking a sample. People do four tests, as a result: two of them are positive, two of them are negative. (It is better to do some additional tests, in various medical institutions).

As alternative methods of healing may be suitable: meditation, herbal medicine, art therapy, music therapy , as well as simple psychological techniques aimed at improving the body. It is recommended to study the topic of metaphysics / psychosomatics disease, correct diet and reconsider what is happening in life.

We wish you a speedy recovery and all the best, be healthy!

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