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Virologist warned against self-medication for COVID-19

Georgy Vikulov, director of the Scientific Information Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infections, said that people make mistakes when prescribing medicines for themselves.

Virologist warned against self-medication for COVID-19

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He stated this on the air of NSN.

“When people prescribe antibiotic therapy to themselves, anticoagulants, they themselves lower their immunity, this leads to a lot of unwanted side effects. If a person does not seek medical help on time, precious time is lost, the disease progresses. To prevent this from happening, everyone should do their own thing, ”the specialist noted.

Earlier, the chief sanitary doctor for the Sverdlovsk region Dmitry Kozlovskikh, in an interview with URA.RU, told why tests for COVID-19 can show an incorrect result.

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