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Experts assessed Trump's chances to extend the term

The official summing up of the results of the presidential elections may take a long time

Experts assessed Trump's chances to extend the term

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MOSCOW, November 8 - PRIME. Courts and recounts can greatly delay the official summing up of the US presidential election. This was reported by RBC with reference to experts.

At the same time, the incumbent President Donald Trump will not be able to extend the term. He will remain in the White House after January 20 (inauguration date) only if he is officially declared the winner.

Alexandra Filippenko, a senior fellow at the Institute for the United States and Canada, Americanist, believes that a recount in a number of vacillating states is highly probable. In particular, we are talking about Michigan and Wisconsin. Recalculation occurs when the gap is less than 1%.

A similar situation was in 2000, when the gap between George W. Bush and Al Gore was negligible. The recalculations lasted for about a month. The state of Florida was then decisive. As a result, the process of manual recounts was suspended by the US Supreme Court by five votes to four. The court recognized the latest results obtained as final. George W. Bush won with 271 electoral votes, while Al Gore received 266.

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