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The main mistakes of doctors and patients when testing for COVID

Sterility of all instruments and proper storage of biomaterials play an important role

The main mistakes of doctors and patients when testing for COVID

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MOSCOW, November 9 - PRIME. The main reason for erroneous test results for coronavirus infection can be the actions of both doctors and the patients themselves. Representatives of the Russian laboratory "Gemotest", where tests for COVID-19 are carried out, told RBC. Rospotrebnadzor told how to carry out daily cleaning due to COVID-19

It was noted that in order to take a sample correctly, a healthcare professional must first treat gloved hands with an antiseptic, then spread a napkin on the table, on the right side of which the used consumable is placed, on the left - unused. After that, he must put on a second, non-sterile pair of gloves on top of a sterile one and collect the biomaterial with a probe, pressing the patient's tongue with a sterile spatula. Laboratory representatives reminded that it is very important that when taking a sample, doctors do not touch the patient's cheeks, tongue, gums and lips, and do not collect his saliva.

The sterility of all instruments and the correct storage of biomaterials also play an important role. Each sample tube should be placed in a separate cotton bag or plastic container with a lid, and then should be placed in a refrigerator or thermal bag. In this case, the tube must remain upright.

There is also a specific method of preparing a patient for a coronavirus test. So, at least an hour before testing, it is not recommended to eat, drink, brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, chew gum or smoke. You can also not rinse the nose or instill medicine. In addition, the test should be done as soon as possible after the detection of symptoms, since over time after the first clinical symptoms, the likelihood of detecting the virus decreases to an undetectable level.

Recall that a few days ago, the Russian Ministry of Health warned that about 30% of tests for coronavirus infection may be wrong. The main reason for the inaccuracy in the definition of COVID-19 was not the quality of the tests themselves, but the method of collecting biomaterials itself.

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