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Kurgan authorities collected 4 million rubles from their salaries to reward doctors

130 healthcare professionals will receive patient feedback awards

Kurgan authorities collected 4 million rubles from their salaries to reward doctors

Photo: tass.ru

TASS, November 9. Officials of the Kurgan region authorities have transferred part of their salaries in order to encourage doctors fighting the coronavirus. Thus, it was possible to collect 4 million rubles - based on patient feedback, it is planned to award 130 people, the regional operational headquarters reported on Monday.

Earlier, TASS also reported that most of the regional Duma deputies also decided to transfer part of their salaries to the fund to support doctors in the Trans-Urals.

"Officials of the authorities in the Kurgan region transferred part of the salaries to the awards to doctors. The initiative to help the medical workers was made by the governor of the Kurgan region, Vadim Shumkov, his colleagues from the regional authorities supported his proposal. In total, about 130 medical workers - employees of clinics, emergency stations aid, hospitals and infectious diseases hospitals. The total amount of fees will be more than 4 million rubles, "- said in the message.

It is noted that the candidates for the awards will be chosen by the chief doctors of medical institutions, and the main selection criteria will be decent work and patient reviews. "The doctors now have a huge responsibility, and at the same time, they work with colossal overloads. We deal with large-scale organizational issues - beds, oxygen, laboratories, equipment, drugs, repairs, new ambulances, tests, routing, but I would like to thank personally our doctors and nurses. <… > I am grateful to everyone who helps our healthcare system, our doctors in this difficult situation, "the head of the region quotes the headquarters.

Earlier, Shumkov appealed to the Russian government with a request for support in connection with the worsening epidemic situation in the region. The Russian Ministry of Health has sent doctors from other regions to the Kurgan region. In addition, military doctors are working there - Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, at the request of the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko, ordered to send a combined brigade of military doctors of the Russian Defense Ministry here to assist local doctors.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 6,711 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the Kurgan region. At the same time, recently the number of infected people has been rapidly increasing - about 90 per day, while in the summer and early autumn it was about 30.

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