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Trefilov said he recovered from coronavirus

Former head coach of the Russian women's handball team Evgeny Trefilov spoke about his recovery from coronavirus infection.

Trefilov said he recovered from coronavirus

Photo: russian.rt.com

“I was discharged and already returned home. I no longer have this nasty thing, they carried out three tests. I already feel better, but doctors promise the consequences after the coronavirus. There are problems with the lungs, but normal, "RIA Novosti quotes Trefilov.

According to him, he already wanted to go to training, but for now he was told to stay at home.

“Let the people not joke with the coronavirus. I also thought it was bullshit, but it turned out not. My windows in the hospital were opposite the intensive care unit, and what I saw ... God forbid. So take care of yourself, ”added Trefilov.

In 2019, Trefilov underwent heart surgery, after which he left posts in the women's national team of Russia and Krasnodar “Kuban”. Under his leadership, the national team has won four world championships and won gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Earlier it was reported that ex-Zenit footballer Branislav Ivanovic fell ill with coronavirus.

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