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Summary of coronavirus in Sevastopol on November 10

So far, the number of cases is consistently high. ForPost News Service

Summary of coronavirus in Sevastopol on November 10

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As of the morning of November 10, 71 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in Sevastopol, the press service of the city government reports. Of these, 35 patients were hospitalized in hospitals of the infectious diseases hospital and the ninth city hospital, the rest were on outpatient treatment.

The sick are local residents aged from eight to 85 years.

64 people were discharged after recovery.

Since the beginning of the year, 3190 people have contracted a new coronavirus infection in Sevastopol.

At the moment, 2068 people have recovered, 79 have died.

To date, 345 people with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 in hospitals: 175 in the infectious diseases hospital, 168 in the ninth city hospital, two in the hospital of the Ministry of Defense.

In "Izumrud" - 34 people.

Outpatient treatment - 672 people.

617 people are under observation - these are people who have been in contact with the sick, the diagnosis of COVID-19 has not been confirmed.

The "Solnyshko" boarding house operates in the observer mode.

The government of Sevastopol reminds residents and guests of the city of the need to observe precautions and hygiene rules.

A single hotline in Sevastopol to advise citizens on the prevention and treatment of COVID-19: +7 (8692) 41-77-07.

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