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Sevseti # 1109: Heat-loving revolution in Sevastopol, a strong woman and a terrible directive

Today, social networks were looking for ways to avoid covid, recalled the revolution, worried about what was happening in the world and their hometown. ForPost News Service

Sevseti # 1109: Heat-loving revolution in Sevastopol, a strong woman and a terrible directive

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The vicious coronavirus and its consequences remain in the spotlight of the townspeople. The news that Sevastopol schoolchildren can again be transferred to distance learning deeply saddened and outraged Alexei Protsko.

Theater named after Lunacharsky is now preparing for the premiere of "A Month in the Country". Studying the life of the author of the play and his parents, Aksinya Normanskaya came across valuable and extremely relevant information. The only pity is that in a democracy the idea is unrealizable.

The next post, we admit, was not born in Sevastopol. But we think you should get to know him - let's be glad that the initiative of the Kurgan officials has not yet reached our city.

This is the kind of horror that is happening on Marinesco Street. But it all started with a good deed - cleaning attics. This is where you remember Chernomyrdin and he "wanted the best."

And in Inkerman, unknown vandals dealt with road signs. It's a shame, citizens. Sevavtodor is right - it’s impossible.

More than a strange post is posted in the "Overheard in Sevastopol" group. We fully and completely share the desire to pay for heat as little as possible. But to alter revolutionary posters in this way - yes, for this 100 years ago, the author could be used up!

But not only their own problems worry the townspeople. Tikhon Sinitsyn's soul aches about what is happening far beyond the borders of Sevastopol.

And the last thing for today. We sincerely congratulate Elena Gapeshina, the bronze medalist of the 2020 Russian Women's Boxing Championship. There are women in Russian villages and in Russian cities!

Don't be cold, don't be discouraged, and don't forget to add the hashtag #sevnet to your posts - it's easier for us to see them.

Olga Smirnova

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