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Gunzburg told when the mass vaccination against COVID starts

The vaccine developer says it's not long to wait

Gunzburg told when the mass vaccination against COVID starts

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MOSCOW, November 11 - PRIME. Vaccination against coronavirus infection for everyone may take about a year, it should begin in January-February, said the director of the Gamaleya center Alexander Gintsburg. The creators of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus have revealed its effectiveness

"In a year, we must stop vaccination, saying that we have already vaccinated everyone who wanted and who needs to be vaccinated. And affordable vaccination, vaccination at the place of residence ... such a moment should come with us in January-February," Gunzburg said at a meeting of the Jewish business club.

In August, the Ministry of Health of Russia registered the world's first vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19, developed by the Gamaleya Research Center for Electrochemistry. The vaccine involves the introduction of two components of the drug with an interval of three weeks.

Gunzburg clarified that post-marketing vaccine trials may end in May or June 2021.

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