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A test system for COVID has been created in St. Petersburg, giving a result in 55 minutes

A test system for COVID has been created in St. Petersburg, giving a result in 55 minutes

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MOSCOW, November 13 - PRIME. An antibody test system has been created in St. Petersburg, which gives a result in 55 minutes, according to the office of Vice Governor Yevgeny Yelin. Sobyanin named the number of Muscovites with immunity to coronavirus

The new SARS-CoV-2-CoronaPass test system was developed by a consortium of biotechnological companies "Biopalitra", the Central State Geological Museum "Genetico" and the company "NextGen".

After clinical trials, the test system showed no false positive results - 100%, sensitivity - 98.7% in a sample of people who had undergone a confirmed COVID-19 infection. The test is distinguished by a short analysis time - 55 minutes - and no need for preliminary dilution of the sample.

It is noted that the developed test in terms of the totality of characteristics has no analogues among other Russian and foreign manufacturers.

SARS-CoV-2-CoronaPass can be used to monitor the effectiveness of vaccination and the thickness of the population's immune layer.

The batch of test systems in the amount of 528 thousand was manufactured in September, now it is at the final stage of obtaining a registration certificate.

The developer and founder of Biopalitra, Nikolay Maksimov, explained that the system is designed using sandwich analysis technology, therefore it is capable of detecting all classes of immunoglobulins (total antibodies), including early IgM antibodies, as well as IgG and IgA simultaneously. At the same time, most of similar tests are aimed at determining antibodies to the N-protein of the coronavirus (nucleoprotein), which indicates a past illness that could not lead to the formation of protective immunity. The presence of antibodies to S-RBD is an indicator of the development of protective immunity.

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