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The deputy of the Priangarye Legislative Assembly said that the situation with medicines in pharmacies is normalizing

Artem Lobkov noted that the situation is somewhat worse in small towns and villages in the region

The deputy of the Priangarye Legislative Assembly said that the situation with medicines in pharmacies is normalizing

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IRKUTSK, November 13. / TASS /. The situation with the availability of drugs is normalizing in the pharmacies of the Irkutsk region, where earlier due to the rush demand there was a shortage of antibiotics and antivirals. Deputy Artem Lobkov announced this on Friday at a meeting in the Legislative Assembly following the results of the monitoring.

“On Wednesday and Thursday this week, activists visited 161 pharmacies, covering almost the entire territory of the Irkutsk region, large cities and small villages. Since the last monitoring, the situation can be said to be improving. it was completely, but now in large cities the situation is more or less stable. < ... > In small towns and villages the situation is a little worse. Pharmacy workers during the survey say that drugs are delivered to pharmacies, but are quickly sold out ", - said Lobkov.

Members of the United Russia party and Young Guard activists conducted the previous monitoring on October 27, visiting 126 pharmacies throughout the region. Then, following the results of the check, Lobkov reported that there were no popular antiviral drugs and antibiotics in the entire pharmacy chain.

In October, pharmacies in the Irkutsk region began to experience a shortage of antiviral and antibiotics due to the high demand of the population. Against the background of the complication of the epidemiological situation, residents began to buy drugs for future use. The authorities urged citizens not to purchase medicines unnecessarily, and initiated checks for the free sale of medicines that should be dispensed only by prescription. The supply of medicines to the region has been increased. Several more large batches of drugs will be delivered by the end of November.

According to the regional headquarters for preventing the spread of a new coronavirus infection, 27,814 cases of infection were confirmed in the Irkutsk region as of November 13. The increase over the last day was 263 people, while in the summer months it dropped below 80 people. There are 4,796 patients in hospitals. During the pandemic, 21,757 cases recovered, 625 died.

Due to the complication of the epidemiological situation for citizens over 65, the self-isolation regime was extended until December 7, it was recommended that trade and service enterprises of the Irkutsk region provide visitors with protective masks. Some schools and universities have switched to distance learning. The work of catering establishments was limited until 23:00, while the work of canteens, cafes and restaurants in the buildings where the observators are located is prohibited until November 20. Public transport is checked for compliance with the mask regime by passengers.

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