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Alexey Uchitel said that he has the moral right to shoot a film about Viktor Tsoi

The director stressed that he met with the musician's family several times, including before filming.

Alexey Uchitel said that he has the moral right to shoot a film about Viktor Tsoi

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SAINT PETERSBURG, November 13. / TASS /. Director Alexei Uchitel believes that he and his colleagues have the moral right to shoot a film about the leader of the Kino group Viktor Tsoi. He told reporters about this on Friday at the Lenfilm film studio, where a special screening of the film Tsoi was held as part of the Day of Russian Rock program.

"I adhere to the point of view: please, you can express, you can not accept many things, you can not only one - not only me, but any creative person - to prohibit, prohibit speaking about a person, about what belongs to all of us - and he himself, and his work. Therefore, in this sense, I strongly disagree. < ... > Since we were issued a rental certificate, it means that we have not violated the laws, no ethical things. I definitely have the moral right to make a picture of Victor Tsoe, and my colleagues, and friends, and comrades. And if there are any violations of, say, copyright, then they have the right to challenge it, "- said the Teacher, answering the question of journalists about whether misunderstandings have developed around the film , which arose from the relatives of Tsoi.

The director noted that he met with Tsoi's family several times, including before filming. According to him, the son of the performer, Alexander, expressed complaints about the script. “But this is his right. < ... > Nevertheless, we met before filming and agreed that we would shoot. Then I showed some part of the material, but the whole film was neither Alexander nor other relatives have not seen, "he added.

On September 1, the son of Viktor Tsoi, Alexander, published on his VKontakte page a copy of a letter addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he, on behalf of the musician's heirs, publicly expresses his position on the film "Tsoi", which is being prepared for wide release. In particular, the text states that the heirs consider the picture "defaming the good name of Viktor Tsoi and his relatives" and have repeatedly expressed their objections to the content of the working materials of the film to the director. The letter, dated August 28, also contains a request to organize an audit in accordance with the circumstances set out in the document.

Director Alexei Uchitel reported that he was surprised by the appeal of the heirs. According to him, the film was created with great respect for the memory of the musician. He stressed that the tape tells a fictional story, there is no actor who plays a musician, and the main character is another person. Culture Minister Olga Lyubimova, commenting on the situation, told reporters that the painting received a rental certificate on a legal basis.

About the film

The director personally presented the film "Tsoi" at the film studio. "Today is the first show in St. Petersburg, especially in my own home, [at] Lenfilm, because there were a lot of filming and joint cooperation here, too," Uchitel said, speaking to the audience.

The director said that 33 years ago he first met Tsoi. "I shot him and talked, and I was in his stoker and filmed there too, went on tour with him. Then there was the film" The Last Hero ", also quite significant for me, which was already made right after the death of Victor. When we were filming" The Last Hero " hero ", I met the driver of" Ikarus ", into which Viktor's" Moskvich "crashed, and it so happened that 30 years after the accident < ... > this man became the main character of our picture", - noted it.

The Teacher began developing the script almost ten years ago together with the playwright Alexander Gonorovsky, and the final version of the script was written by the young scriptwriter Savva Minaev. According to the plot, the driver of "Ikarus", with whom the "Moskvich" Tsoi collided, is forced to carry the coffin with the body of the musician from Latvia to Leningrad. All the musician's relatives who do not know that the second participant in the fatal accident is driving the bus. The actor playing Viktor Tsoi does not appear on the screen; his image is made up of details, remarks and emotional reactions of other characters. The film was released in Russia on November 12.

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